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The Leader's Path 
Executive Functioning Skill Development Program 

New Group to begin on 10/7/14 (Tuesday).  430pm for adolescents and 530pm for young adults.

The Leader's Path program was developed through the conceptual understanding that emerging adults (15-30) must learn key skills, called Executive Functions.  Applying leadership theories and adult learning, we have derived a set of competencies that we believe is the developmental base of transitioning adolescents to adulthood.   

We strongly recommend an Assessment of the Executive Functioning which allows an understanding of competencies to determine strenghts, weaknesses, and fatals flaws. The process may also include a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment to determine other underlying problems that may inhibit the development of the EF competencies.  

Common Referrals are failure-to-launch emerging adults at home or directly from residential programs that have diagnoses of: Autism-spectrum, Asperger's, NVLD, ADHD, EF dysfunction, Concussion, and dual-diagnosis clients that are committed to sobriety. 

  • Assessment:  to determine current level and approrpriateness
    - Basic EF testing is $300 
    - Comprehensive Neuropsychological Testing can vary, please contact us.
  • Group EF Skill Development: to start building an understanding of key EF skills thru weekly EF group.
    8 weekly sessions for $400 
     - Separate groups for adolescents and young adults 
  • Mentoring:  some clients may also wish to have individual mentoring
    Individual mentoring for $75/session

Please Contact us for more information

Residential Program for Young Adults

  • Emerging Adults (18-30) live in Program Apartments supported by Clinical Therapy, Structured Development, Academic Tutoring, and Mentoring.  
  • Students are expected to attend a University or College within the area and work. 
  • Life Skills will be developed including: Budgeting, Cooking, Cleaning, Organization, Time Management, etc. 
Phase Model Length Cost
Phase 1 Competency Training 3 months $6k/month
Phase 2 Competency Development 3 months $4k/month
Phase 3 Competency Practice 6-12 months $3k/month