About Us

The NeuroAssessment and Development Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, formerly known as Rocky Mountain Neuropsychology Services, is an agency devoted to the development of children, adolescents, and adults with learning, attention, social, or emotional problems. We are committed to helping our clients become successful and alleviating problems so that they can experience happiness and success in their life. Our neuropsychologists' goal is to use our professional knowledge and years of expertise to assist in the understanding (assessment) of strengths and weaknesses so that clients can be successful at school, at work, and in relationships.  

Our neuropsychologists believe in the potential of each individual and we are here to help you find that potential.  

Mission, Vision, Values

It is the mission of the NADC to provide high quality neuropsychology testing through a client-centered approach, in less than a month of the referral. Although the NADC is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we provide testing or referrals anywhere in the country. 

To offer assessment, treatment and resources that will fundamentally change the lives of our clients through clear insight and individualized recommendations.


  • Accountability - We anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of the neuropsychologists and clients that we work with. We work within our scope of expertise. We provide recommendations based on accurate assessment. To assure quality, we have a system of redundancy and review for each assessment.
  • Client Focus – Every client comes to us with needs and challenges that affect their life on a personal level. We honor that they come at a moment of crisis, searching for hope. Therefore we always schedules clients in less then a month of the referral. We provide answers and resources that are specific to a client's needs. We believe in therapeutic assessment, as an intervention and therefore we educate, guide, and advocate for our clients.    
  • Teamwork – We work collaboratively with consultants, neuropsychologists, doctors, therapists, and educators, in the best interests of our clients.   
  • Continuous Learning – We focus on the development of our core knowledge, our expertise of psychological and neurological disorders. We engage in research and continuous education (CEUs). We develop resources for other neuropsychologists based upon our research and experience. We use evidence based testing and recommendations.  
  • Ethics and Non-Discrimination - Our neuropsychologists abide by the Code of Fair Practices. We use evidence-based assessments and recommend treatments to help our clients.