Asperger's Disorder



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The Asperger’s Association of New England (AANE)’s mission is to foster awareness, respect, acceptance, and support for individuals with AS and related conditions and their families.

Asperger’s Syndrome Coalition of the U.S.

Asperger’s Syndrome and Anxiety: When the Two Overlap

Online Aperger’s Syndrom Information and Support

Treatment for Asperger’s Disorder

Asperger’s Info is a safe place to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss treatments relating to Asperger Syndrome.

For ABA Resources for recovery from the autistic disorders: autism, PDD, hyperlexia, and Asperger’s Syndrome, including information on treatment and therapies (including behavioral intervention/behavior modification or “Lovaas therapy”), special education, early intervention, and disability resources.

Yale Developmental Disabilities Website on Asperger’s Syndrome

“Asperger’s Syndrome and Anxiety” Article